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Stop wasting time finding work

Find Work Fast

Tired of constantly refreshing the Job search page on Upwork? Find more jobs 10X faster with PouncerAI.

Powerful Cover Letter templates

Quickly create cover letters that grab client’s attention using the PouncerAI-assisted templates.

A Single Tab for Everything

No more copying & pasting from multiple tabs or struggling with ChatGPT prompts. PouncerAI has everything you need.


Hear directly from our users


Power packed features to help you win more jobs from Upwork


Stay organized with Job Inbox

Quickly find and organize relevant jobs from Upwork with our unique Job Inbox. This unique Upwork RSS Reader is specifically designed to help you quickly review new job postings; with advanced features for organizing and applying for jobs.

The Job Inbox makes finding the perfect job fast & efficient.

Job Alerts (SMS, Slack, Email, Desktop)

Stay ahead with Real-time Job Alerts

Never lose an opportunity with our Real-time Job Alert system. Quickly receive new Upwork Job Notifications in whatever way works best for you; from desktop alerts to emails to Slack notifications and more.

Apply to new jobs faster with our Real-time Job Alert feature.


Stand out with the A.I. assisted Proposal Generator

Tired of spending countless hours writing tailored cover letters for Upwork jobs? By combining your Upwork Profile plus the client's job description, PouncerAI can instantly create the perfect cover letter that gets the client's attention.

Easily create attention-getting cover letter proposals with the Proposal Generator.


Get jobs for everyone on your team

PouncerAI makes it easy for you to manage multiple freelancer profiles on Upwork. Just add your freelancer’s profile and then use PouncerAI to send custom-tailored proposals for individual freelancers.

Generate more business for your agency with PouncerAI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to upload or share my Upwork credentials?

No. PouncerAI does not require your account information or login credentials. The system works independently of Upwork so you can keep your private information, private.

Does PouncerAI adhere to the Upwork terms of service?

Yes, PouncerAI is committed to following Upwork's Terms of Service requirements so we never put our users at risk of being banned from the platform.

What is an RSS feed and do I have to have one?

An RSS feed is a common standard for sharing information from a website. Upwork provides a free RSS feed of jobs in their system to every registered user. When you create your PouncerAI account, we walk you through the process of adding the Upwork RSS feed to the system; with step-by-step instructions that make the process easy.

Can I add multiple RSS feeds?

Yes. In fact, we highly recommend adding different feeds to make it easier for you to classify jobs.

How often do you poll the RSS feed from Upwork?

We poll the Upwork RSS server every 2 minutes…and we are working to make it even faster.

What is the Upstyler toolbar and why is it important?

Upwork does not provide an easy way to add any styling to your cover letters. So we created a tool to help. The Upstyler toolbar makes it easy to add Unicode elements to your Upwork cover letters and proposals. Not only can you add emojis, you can also add Bold and Italic text, along with real bullet points. No other tool provides our unique Upstyler Toolbar!

What if I exceed my plans limits for the month?

You will not be able to send proposals for the month or add additional profiles. However, you can upgrade your account at any time to remove these limits.

Do you automatically apply for me?

No. We believe that you should be in total control of what jobs you apply for and what your cover letter proposal should say. There is nothing worse than wasting Connects to apply for jobs that you are not interested in or where your cover letter proposal is inadequate.

Do you limit the number of proposals I can generate per month?

Yes. Each subscription includes a set number of proposals you can generate per month.

What are profiles and can I use my Upwork profile?

Your Profile in PouncerAI is different from the one in Upwork. Your PouncerAI profile is specifically designed to work with the AI-prompts we developed to help the AI system know who you are and what you have done. Your Upwork profile is designed for people to read whereas your PouncerAI profile is designed for the AI system to understand.

Do I need to know how to write prompts for AI to use your system? I don’t know anything about AI.

No, you don’t need to know anything about AI. But if you are interested in learning, or already comfortable with AI, you can use our built-in AI prompts to tailor the output of your proposals.

Are you using ChatGPT 4.0?

Yes. We use ChatGPT 4.0 and will continue to improve our system using the latest API versions available from OpenAI.

Can I use my own AI prompts?

Yes. While we provide a number of sample prompts in the system, you can create and use your own prompts within PouncerAI. Even better, your prompts can reference the information we store about you and the job you are applying for.

Can I track my proposal performance?

No. Since we do not have direct access to Upwork, we can not determine the status of any proposal you submit. However, we do provide a History of every proposal you generate through our system so you can review them.

What type of notifications do you provide?

Today, we only provide Desktop Notifications. However, we are soon to release additional notification options for email, SMS, and Slack.

Can I buy a subscription for everyone on my team?

You can create multiple Profiles for your team members. However, we do not have an enterprise version (yet), where you can provide your team members individual access to the tool.

How do you use my data?

We take privacy and data security very seriously. While we do store the job information and your proposals in the system, we do not share your proposal information with other users. Further, when you cancel your account, we remove all proposal data, profile information, and templates you created.

our vision

About Us

Daniel Reiling and Sean Jackson are the creators of PouncerAI and active freelancers on Upwork.

Frustrated by the Upwork platform, they decided to create their own tools to help improve the way they attract potential clients from Upwork.

After showing their internal tools to other freelancer friends (and repeated requests to use them), they decided to make these tools available to any freelancer.

Finding quality work on Upwork can be a challenge, and PouncerAI makes the entire process fast and easy.

our vision

About Us

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